• Sweet 10% Feed

    A blend of grain, plant protein by-products, grain by-products, and molasses. It's enhanced through the use of oats and a higher inclusion rate of molasses for increased consumption.

  • 14% Horse Feed

    Gatlin’s 14% Horse Feed is a heavy grain feed. The feed contains grains (oats and corn), grain by-products, plant protein by-products, Vigortone Liqua Fat, and cane molasses.

  • 12% All-Stock

    13.5 % protein, 5.5% fat

  • 15% Laying Mash

    Gatlin Feed’s 15% Laying Mash is a blend of Grain Products, Processed Grain By-products, Plant Protien Products, and Vigortone E-1 Eggline mineral.

  • 16% Layer Pellets

    Gatlin Feed’s 16% Layer Pellets is a blend of Grain Products, Processed Grain By-Products, Plant Protein Products, Forage Products, and Vigortone E-1 Eggline mineral.

  • Oyster Shells

    Oyster shells are utilized in conjunction with feed for calcium intake to strengthen shell hardness.

  • 14% Thunderbird Feed

    Primarily used for game chickens.

  • Hen Scratch

    Used in conjunction with other feeds or alone. Small, crushed pieces of corn and grains

  • 18% Chick Grower

    New product from Petrus out of Alexandria, LA

  • 16% Hog Feed

    Blend of grain, plant protein by-products, grain by-products, and molasses. The feed is designed to aid in the growth and development of swine animals of all ages.

  • Rabbit Pellets

    16% rabbit feed. Small pellets for easy consumption

  • 32% Floating Catfish Feed

    TOPS Floating Catfish Feed

  • Non-floating Catfish Feed

    TOPS Non-floating catfish feed

  • "Blue Bag" Cat Food

    Premium formula cat food for all life-stages

  • Enhance Hunter's Edge 24/18

    Basic adult dog food

  • Enhance Professional Athlete 30/22

    Formulated for working dogs

  • Enhance Adult Maintenance 22/12

    Ideal for moderately active adult dogs

  • Enhance Hunter's Edge 24/18 (Premium)

    Premium adult dog food

  • Enhance Red Bag

    Premium formula dog food

  • Enhance Puppy Food 31/21

    Nutrient dense food for growing dogs

  • Caliber Sport 24/20

    Adult dog food for hunting dogs

  • Caliber Professional 22/12

    Adult dog food

  • TruMark White 26/18

    Protein 26%; Fat 18%

  • TruMark Brown 21/8

    21% Protein; 8% Fat

  • Pelletized Lime

    Pelletized calcitic agricultural liming material

  • Calcium Nitrate

    Calcium Nitrate

  • Oregon Grown Grass Seed

    "Gulf" rye grass , 50# bag

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

    Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

  • 13-13-13 Fertilizer


  • Triple 8 Fertilizer


  • 8-8-24 Fertilizer


  • 33-00-12


  • 0-20-20


  • 00-46-00



    Mutil-purpose professional fertilizer

  • Pine Shavings

    Pine shavings

  • Hydrated Lime

    Southern Lime chemical hydrate lime

  • Wide Spread Feed

    Rak-Atak Wide Spread is mixed from harvested grains, grain by-products, and enhanced with minerals and proteins.

  • Shooter Buck Corn

    Made from USDA corn, Rak-Atak corn is cleaned three times and screened for optimal feeder disbursement.

  • High Rack Deer Mineral

    Contains calcium and phosphorous for substantial antler growth, disease-fighting antioxidant Vitamins A and D3, and selenium and Vitamin E for reproductive health.

  • Heavy Base Molasses Pour

    Fortified with minerals and protein, the molasses attracts the deer’s sweet tooth while the mineral and protein contents promote large, full racks.

  • Main Beam Molasses

    Unique to Rak-Atak, the Main Beam Molasses Block is a sweet tasting, molasses flavored block.

  • Double Drop Protein Block

    Used year round, the protein and key minerals in the block will enhance the deer’s rack size as they feed.

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